RMI Documentation for dataset 'User reports from the RMI smartphone app'


Parameter Description
timestamp Timestamp of the observation in UTC
obs_type Main type of the observation (0-12)
obs_type_description Textual description of main observation type in English
obs_intensity Intensity of the observation
extrainfo Extra flag for some of the observations
is_night false = observation during the day
true = observation during the night
obs_intensity_description Textual description of the observation intensity in English, combining "obs_intensity", "extrainfo" and "is_night"
is_gps_location false = user entered the name of a municipality to send the observation
true = user used its GPS to provide coordinates
has_photo false = no photo was sent, or photo did not pass QC
true = photo was sent and passed QC
plausibility Result of the plausibility check with possible outcomes 0, 50, 100.
0: false observation
50: indecisive result, suspicious
100: plausible observation

Observation types

1Sun & cloudsPartly cloudy
7Severe wind
10Snow cover
11Road condition
13Optical phenomenon

Observation intensities

000Sunny | Clear
100Sun & clouds | Partly cloudy
301Freezing drizzle
311Freezing rain
320Heavy rain
321Heavy freezing rain
400Only thunder
410Lightning far away
420Lightning closeby
500Hail stones smaller than a pea
501Hail stones smaller than a pea (mixed with rain)
510Hail stones like a pea
511Hail stones like a pea (mixed with rain)
520Hail stones like a cherry
521Hail stones like a cherry (mixed with rain)
530Hail stones like a walnut
531Hail stones like a walnut (mixed with rain)
540Hail stones like a ping pong ball
541Hail stones like a ping pong ball (mixed with rain)
550Hail stones like a small egg
551Hail stones like a small egg (mixed with rain)
560Hail stones like a snooker ball
561Hail stones like a snooker ball (mixed with rain)
570Hail stones like a tennis ball
571Hail stones like a tennis ball (mixed with rain)
580Hail stones like a big apple
581Hail stones like a big apple (mixed with rain)
600Very small ice particles
601Very small ice particles (mixed with rain)
602Very small ice particles
603Very small ice particles (mixed with rain)
610Small snow flakes
611Small snow flakes (melting snow)
612Small snow flakes
613Small snow flakes (mixed with rain)
620Big snow flakes
621Big snow flakes (melting snow)
622Big snow flakes
623Big snow flakes (mixed with rain)
700Strong wind, no damage
710Little damage, displaced garden furniture
720Tree uprooted, large broken branches or roof tiles blown away
730A lot of uprooted trees or roofs destroyed
740Walls of houses or other buildings (partly) destroyed
810Dust devil
820Funnel cloud
900Fog - Visibility reduced to less than 1km
910Dense Fog - Visibility less than 200m
920Extremely dense fog - Visibility less than 50m, loss of orientation
1000Thin layer - Less than 5mm
1010Snow cover : 1cm
1020Snow cover : 2cm
1030Snow cover : 3cm
1040Snow cover : 4cm
1050Snow cover : 5cm
1060Snow cover : 6cm
1070Snow cover : 7cm
1080Snow cover : 8cm
1090Snow cover : 9cm
10100Snow cover : 10cm
10110Snow cover : 11cm
10120Snow cover : 12cm
10130Snow cover : 13cm
10140Snow cover : 14cm
10150Snow cover : 15cm
10160Snow cover : 16cm
10170Snow cover : 17cm
10180Snow cover : 18cm
10190Snow cover : 19cm
10200Snow cover : 20cm
10210Snow cover : 21cm
10220Snow cover : 22cm
10230Snow cover : 23cm
10240Snow cover : 24cm
10250Snow cover : 25cm
10260Snow cover : 26cm
10270Snow cover : 27cm
10280Snow cover : 28cm
10290Snow cover : 29cm
10300Snow cover : 30cm
10310Snow cover : 31cm
10320Snow cover : 32cm
10330Snow cover : 33cm
10340Snow cover : 34cm
10350Snow cover : 35cm
10360Snow cover : 36cm
10370Snow cover : 37cm
10380Snow cover : 38cm
10390Snow cover : 39cm
10400Snow cover : 40cm
10410Snow cover : 41cm
10420Snow cover : 42cm
10430Snow cover : 43cm
10440Snow cover : 44cm
10450Snow cover : 45cm
10460Snow cover : 46cm
10470Snow cover : 47cm
10480Snow cover : 48cm
10490Snow cover : 49cm
10500Snow cover : 50cm
10510Snow cover : 51cm
10520Snow cover : 52cm
10530Snow cover : 53cm
10540Snow cover : 54cm
10550Snow cover : 55cm
10560Snow cover : 56cm
10570Snow cover : 57cm
10580Snow cover : 58cm
10590Snow cover : 59cm
10600Snow cover : 60cm
10610Snow cover : 61cm
10620Snow cover : 62cm
10630Snow cover : 63cm
10640Snow cover : 64cm
10650Snow cover : 65cm
10660Snow cover : 66cm
10670Snow cover : 67cm
10680Snow cover : 68cm
10690Snow cover : 69cm
10700Snow cover : 70cm
10710Snow cover : 71cm
10720Snow cover : 72cm
10730Snow cover : 73cm
10740Snow cover : 74cm
10750Snow cover : 75cm
10760Snow cover : 76cm
10770Snow cover : 77cm
10780Snow cover : 78cm
10790Snow cover : 79cm
10800Snow cover : 80cm
10810Snow cover : 81cm
10820Snow cover : 82cm
10830Snow cover : 83cm
10840Snow cover : 84cm
10850Snow cover : 85cm
10860Snow cover : 86cm
10870Snow cover : 87cm
10880Snow cover : 88cm
10890Snow cover : 89cm
10900Snow cover : 90cm
10910Snow cover : 91cm
10920Snow cover : 92cm
10930Snow cover : 93cm
10940Snow cover : 94cm
10950Snow cover : 95cm
10960Snow cover : 96cm
10970Snow cover : 97cm
10980Snow cover : 98cm
10990Snow cover : 99cm
101000Thick layer - More than 1m
1100Ice on the road
1110Snow on the road
1130Bad visibility
1200On a road or parking
1210On a field, meadow or garden
1220Indoors: basement
1230Indoors: ground floor
1240Indoors: first floor
1320Sun dog
1330Circumzenithal arc
1340Light pillar
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